Report from the Pre-Departure Briefing 2017

Admitted graduate students of academic year 2017 who are about to embark on their study journey in Sweden attended a Pre-Departure Briefing hosted by the Alumni Swedia at Perdikan Joglo in South Jakarta on Saturday, 17 June 2017. That relaxing afternoon complemented another pre-departure event previously held by the Embassy of Sweden in April and was sponsored by the Swedish Institute and supported by the embassy to better prepare admitted students before taking off to Sweden.

The event gathered more than 50 attendees, of which half were admitted students, and the rest were alumni of Swedish higher education and distinguished guests from the embassy. It turned out to be a fresh starter for the majority of the students since they were unable to attend the pre-departure in April. Getting to know fellow students who are practically in the same boat to study in a land far away from home and gaining insights from alumni who at heart have considered the faraway place their second home is certainly a comforting feeling for most.

A relaxed sharing session with the newly-admitted students

A welcome remark from Fadjar Wibowo, Chairman of Alumni Swedia, marked the opening of the Pre-Departure Briefing, followed by the screening of two short videos about two alumni who are currently pursuing their career in Sweden as it is important for the students to know opportunities that are available to them after they complete their study. As dusk approached, everyone took turn to make a brief introduction about himself by throwing a couple of fun facts and the audience had to guess which fact is true.

Introduction session

At sunset, dinner was served. For some, it was time to break their fast, but it was a friendly moment for everyone to mingle and network while savouring Javanese cuisine. Indeed, as end of Ramadhan approaches, a traditional venue was chosen to deliver familial and warm ambiance.

The sharing session in the evening divided the crowd into smaller groups based on the city or region where they will study in Sweden. Uppsala, Stockholm, Lund, Gothenburg, Lulea are among the destinations present that night. The alumni initiated the discussion in the groups and the students were eager to follow up with questions relevant to them. The hottest topics revolved around academic activities, campus life, living cost, weather, culture, accommodation, transportation, leisure, etc. At the end, a photo session of everyone wrapped up the event. We wish all newly admitted students to Sweden a full of joy life and learning experience in Sweden. Grattis!

The committee


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