Alumni Swedia Gathering and New Chairperson Announcement


Alumni Swedia working period of 2015-2017 has come close to an end. Since the establishment of Alumni Swedia in 2013, the organization has grown tremendously to engage and connect the alumni of Swedish universities in Indonesia and its stakeholders. Alumni Swedia believes that a democratic process is the best way to select the people who will sit on Alumni Swedia board. As the last chapter of the working period and the final phase of Alumni Swedia election process, a gathering to announce and celebrate our new chairperson was planned and hope that this gathering can be a good way to close one book of Alumni Swedia journey and open a new one.

Picture after the alumni gathering

The Event

The gathering was held at Raja Rasa Restaurant, Ampera Street, Jakarta attended by 20s alumni. The event started at 11:00 for a welcoming snack and drinks continued by a networking lunch. At 13:30, the speech from the current chairperson of Alumni Swedia, Erlangga Arfan, formally opened the event and then a report from the election committee leader, Primadi Wahyuwidagdo Suryosumanto, started the election campaign attended by two from three candidates of Alumni Swedia chairpersons, which are Mochammad Fadjar Wibowo and Deka Febriwan Anwar

From left to right, Deka and Fadjar during the campaign

The campaign was finished at 15:30 and then the last voting opportunity, which was open since Apr 22 was given until 16:00 from those have not decided the candidates. Before the new chairperson of Alumni Swedia was announced, the gathering was also approved the bylaws of Alumni Swedia making the organization is now having a formal rules which was actually the documented bylaws was drafted since 2013.

Result and conclusion

The result was announced at 16:30 and Mochammad Fadjar Wibowo was elected as the new chairperson of Alumni Swedia for the period of 2017-2019. The handover of the organization board will be held in next two weeks while waiting Fadjar is able to establish the new board member.

The detail result is:

  1. Mochammad Fadjar Wibowo, 71%
  2. Kuntjoro Pinardi, 14%
  3. Deka Febriwan Anwar, 12%

Fadjar (left) as the new chairperson of Alumni Swedia for 2017-2019 and Erlangga, the current Alumni Swedia Chairperson during the election

Thanks for all alumni supporting for this event and it was a big step for the Alumni Swedia for having a new elected chairperson as well as the approved bylaws of the organization.


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