Member Gathering and Announcement of New Chairperson @ Apr 29, 2017

We are pleased to invite you for attending the member gathering of Alumni Swedia, which is very special at this moment due to the chairperson of Alumni Swedia for the period of 2017-2019 will be announced.
The details are:
Day/Date: Saturday, Apr 29, 2017
Time: 11:00 – 17:00
Venue: Raja Rasa, Jalan Ampera Raya No. 137, Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan
From   To
1100   1200   Registration and Welcoming Coffe Break
1200   1330   Networking Lunch
1330   1350   Report of Alumni Swedia 2015-2017
1350   1400   Report from Election Committee
1400   1500   Introduction and Campaign of Candidates
1500   1530   Question and Answer
1530   1600   Coffe Break
1600   1630   Presentation of Koperasi Alumni Swedia
1630   1700   Announcement of New Chairperson of Alumni Swedia and others
There are three candidates run for the election and the online vote will be started from April 22 to Apr 29 and the campaign posters to inform the candidates’ detail will be broadcasted before the online vote. For those who want to hear the campaign form candidates directly you can postpone your vote until Apr 29 but if you already have a choice you can vote before Apr 29.
Please find the three candidate names below:
1. Mochammad Fadjar Wibowo , Karolinska Institutet Alumnus
2. Deka Anwar , Uppsala Universitet Alumnus
3. Kuntjoro Pinardi , Chalmers University of Technology Alumnus
Please book you calendar for the date above and as long as available you will get an interesting souvenir from Alumni Swedia.

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