Alumni Swedia Gathering: Backyard Picnic

Taking our 9th gathering outside the usual cafés, Alumni Swedia decided to throw a Backyard Picnic on Saturday, November 19, 2016. The event was held at Twin House, Cipete, Jakarta, from 14.00-17.00, and filled with lots of laughter, fun, and love!


Slightly different from the usual gathering that takes form in a more serious sharing session, the backyard picnic brings out the families, children, and friends of Alumni Swedia in a warm get-together. There were new faces among the crowd – which is always a great thing! And there were also one German girl who is an alumni from Lund and works at Jakarta.

Besides getting to know the new members of the Alumni Swedia, we also got to know the “Made in Sweden” family from Tyo and Ibra, and met long-gone friends whom we haven’t seen after our Sweden study.

Charade game  The event began with an opening remarks from Alumni Swedia’s Chairman, Erlangga Arfan. After the remarks, we did a fun introduce-yourself session that dig out creative thinking from all the attendees, followed by a game of charade with words such as Pippi Longstocking, lemper, Pak Raden, and Dala horse – all that bring out fond memories about Indonesia and Sweden. Unfortunately, the plan to have all the games outside had to be cancelled due to the unfriendly drizzles that blessed Jakarta that day.

Following the games, everybody got busy talking and updating each other about our latest ventures and our old adventures; while enjoying the meals served by the Twin House team.

backyard picnic all

Until next time, allihopa!




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