Nov 19, 2016: Alumni Swedia Gathering: Backyard Picnic


Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016
Venue: Twin House Cipete Raya, Jakarta
Time: 13.00-18.00

Alumni Swedia has been creating and organizing events for its members since few years ago. Every event always had specific topic and theme for the members to discuss on. The responses are positive and we always able to draw the attention of our alumni to join the events because they could get new insights on specific topics. However, there’s also a tendency that only the members who studied/works/interested on one specific topic would come to one event and the others who don’t would prefer not to come.

It leads us to a situation where we feel the urge to bring up an alumni gathering where our members can come without having to discuss anything serious in particular. Everyone is just going to get relax and chit chat, reminiscing about their time in Sweden, of course with fika, games, and of course Swedish music.

  1. To increase the sense of belonging of Alumni Swedia members
  2. To strengthen the relationship among alumni;
  3. To give networking opportunities.

Stay tuned for further update.


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