Launching of Alumni Swedia Chapter Yogyakarta

Sunday, March 1, 2015 was a special moment for the Alumni Swedia. On that day, the Alumni Swedia Chapter Yogyakarta was launched attended by the second secretary of the Embassy of Sweden, Lina Eidmark, the chairman of Alumni Swedia, Erlangga Arfan and other participants such as the Embassy staff, the Board of Alumni Swedia, Indonesian lecturers from Yogyakarta having experiences as visiting lecturers in Sweden as well as Indonesians graduated from Swedish universities living in Yogyakarta.


The event was started at 16:00 by welcoming speech from Lina Eidmark and continued by Erlangga Arfan for presenting the profile of Alumni Swedia. During the profile presentation Prof. Djamaludin Ancok, Phd., a visiting professor in Boras and Jonkoping in 2005-2010 informing that there are several Indonesians studied in Sweden from the Faculty of Psychology and other faculties in University of Gadjah Mada which might not aware about the Alumni Swedia organization. The Alumni Swedia informed that those alumni can be connected with Alumni Swedia organization by using the registration form in the Alumni Swedia website ( The activity was continued by the Indonesian tradition of Potong Tumpeng as a formal ceremony of the launching of Alumni Swedia Chapter Yogyakarta. The top of tumpeng was given to Ahmad Agus Setiawan, a KTH alumni, as a temporary chairman of Alumni Swedia Chapter Yogyakarta.


Buffet and mingle were the next activity and then continued by the presentation from Nils Henoch from Swedish Energy Agency sharing the energy policy in Sweden. Fun quizzes and door prizes were the next activity before it was closed with taking pictures together. The event was held in Indonesia-Swedish Initiative for Smart Energy Solutions (InSIStS) office, located in University of Gadjah Mada.

The Alumni Swedia hopes that the Yogyakarta Chapter can support the alumni in Yogyakarta.

Reported by: Erlangga Arfan


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