The Third Alumni Swedia Gathering in 2014


The third Alumni Swedia’s gathering was held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at Kedai Kopi 89, Jalan Kemang Raya No. 89, Jakarta. In this gathering, Alumni Swedia had a special guest speaker from Gothenburg, Sweden, Siti Alwania Forssén, discussed the topic of children education in Sweden. Alwania is a teacher for children education in Sweden and she shared some useful information regarding how the education system in Sweden develops characters of children for preparing their future life as well as considering limitations that they probably have.

The topic was very interesting and the gathering was attended around 15 alumni of Sweden. This gathering was also a small reunion for alumni studied in Gothenburg to meet each other as well as Alwania.

Alumni Swedia Gathering

The gathering was scheduled at 11:00 started with lunch and the discussion was at 12:30 until 15:00, longer than scheduled due to many questions and comparison with Indonesia’s condition asked by the alumni. The venue and foods at Kedai Kopi 89 were nice and the Alumni Swedia will be happy to have a plan to hold a next event in the same place. (Reported by Erlangga Arfan)


One response to “The Third Alumni Swedia Gathering in 2014

  1. Bagus acara silaturahim …saya pernah belajar di Lund…Svalov…tahjn 1994…dan membuat komunitas Swedish Indonesian Society…14 April 1994 peserta banyak dr MU maritime university….saya tertark untuk join….hp saya 0811819154

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